Spax Decking Screw


The ideal screw for wooden decks


  • The fixing thread fixes the top board
  • Minimises creaking of floor structure
  • The small cylinder head pulls flush into the wood and provides the perfect appearance
  • Antique colour similar to wood, the screw head is almost invisible as a result

Special properties

  1. SPAX CUT point: precision placement, allows screwing in without pre-drilling (wood-dependent), effectively reduces splitting of the wood
  2. Cylindrical head: low splitting effect, pulls flush into the wood
  3. Fixing thread permanently attaches the cover board to the substructure and minimises creaking. Together with the plain shank it pulls the top board down tight (vice effect)
  4. Antique decorative surface
  5. Stainless steel A2 II: high corrosion protection
  6. SPAX T-STAR plus: secure bit grip, no cam-out effect, optimal force transmission
Pre-drilling is recommend for hardwood.

Step 1:
Drill the boards and sub-structure with a Hardwood drill Ø 4,1/6,5 mm. Use the complete length of the drill. Use the highest possible speed
Step 2:
Drive the decking screw straight in with a BIT T25 SPAX T-STAR plus. Drive it in without stopping until the head is flush.

Perfect look thanks to the cylindrical screw head. No splitting of the wood.

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