RIVNUT® blind rivet nuts are the most versatile solution for fastening high-strength nut  threads to components when tapped threads are not possible due to small wall thicknesses.

RIVNUT® blind rivet nuts  are available in many variations and sizes and therefore offer numerous fastening solutions.

Often used for hollow bodies, profiles, housings or components with one-sided accessibility.


  • Stable thread on thin-walled components
  • Installation possible on one-sided accessibility (blind assembly)
  • The workpiece is not exposed to thermal stress.
  • Low capital expenditure


Head shapes
Blind rivet nuts – head shapes

  • Flat head
  • Countersunk head
  • Extra-small countersunk head


Shank ends
Blind rivet nuts – shank ends

  • Open
  • Closed


Shank forms
Blind rivet nuts – shank forms

  • Round body, plain
  • Round body, knurled
  • Hexagonal body
  • Part hexagonal body

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