BIS Pacifyre® MK II Fire Sleeve


  • The sleeve provides a guaranteed protection against fire, smoke and noise
  • Expansion and contraction of the pipe remains possible
  • Minimum space required, therefore can be applied in areas of hard accessibility
  • Higher flexibility due to minimal overhang on wall and ceiling seals
  • No tools, drilling or extra fixing materials needed
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Maintenance free
  • Noise reduction test report from IRB (Fraunhofer Institut - Germany) available
  • Tested according to EN 1366-3
  • In accordance with many EU country building regulations
  • Available for plastic or steel pipes in many sizes

Pacifyre® fire sleeves are a one piece, one length (205mm) stainless steel sleeve with closure tabs and slots, having an intumescent lining the full length of the unit with 3 bands of acoustic foam.

The units are wrapped around pipes by hand and simply slid into walls/partitions in seconds, virtually eliminating fitting labour costs and negating the necessity to remember to fit oversize pipe sleeves.

Pacifyre® sleeves can be fitted to either horizontal or vertical pipework, do not give off toxic fumes or smoke in the event of a fire, are asbestos free and do not contain any hazardous materials.

No special precautions are therefore required when handling or installing the units, adding further to the cost saving. In the event of a close proximity fire, the lining activates at 140ºC and expands to over 16 times its own volume to create a fire proof seal between the pipe and the wall, preventing the spread of fire between building compartments.

NOTE: As the Pacifyre® sleeves are activated at 140ºC, it is recommended that the maximum temperature of the pipework in contact with the units does not exceed 120ºC.

On pipework above this temperature (HTHW & Steam) or when a vapour barrier is required, it is recommended that compressible insulation (mineral wool/35k phenolic foam) is firstly fitted to the pipework then an oversize Pacifyre® where it passes through the wall. In the event of a fire, the intumescent strip will expand and compress the insulation, thereby forming the necessary fire seal around the pipe.

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