Nylon flat washer

Nylon flat washer from Thomas Potter Ltd

Nylon washers are stocked in natural (off white) colour to DIN125 form A

They are commonly used for electrical insulation or as an isolation barrier to stop galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals.

 Nominal diameterOuter diameterthickness
M2 2mm 5mm 0.3mm
M2.5 2.5mm 6mm 0.5mm
M3 3mm 7mm 0.5mm
M4 4mm 9mm 0.8mm
M5 5mm 10mm 1mm
M6 6mm 12mm 1.6mm
M8 8mm 16mm 1.6mm
M10 10mm 20mm 2mm
M12 12mm 24mm 2.5mm
M14 14mm 28mm 2.5mm
M16 16mm 30mm 3mm

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