Hygienic Ball Valves

CF8M 316 stainless steel body and ball with CF3M 316L end connections, full bore with PTFE seals and cavity filled seats.

The 3pc design allows for the inner part of the valve to be removed for cleaning or maintenance whilst leaving the end connections in the pipe work. 

All Ball Valves are supplied with a lockable handle and are available in sizes from ½” to 4”.

Suitable for pressures up to 1000psi and temperatures up to 230° centigrade dependant on the application.

We stock hygienic ball valves with flanged and plain end weld connections.

End connections can also be  ferruled, RJT, SMS, DIN or IDF to order.

Valves are available in both 2-way and 3-way versions in both L and T port configuration.

Manual valves are stocked as standard which can be actuated either pneumatically or electrically on request, various feedback and positioning options are also available.

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