High Temperature


High temperature sealing applications, such as those in waste gas and engine operations, require a gasket material that is capable of maintaining a long-term seal at temperatures often in excess of 500°C. At these temperatures, conventional gasket materials suffer from rapid thermal degradation which precludes their use as a component in gasket materials.

Klinger offer a range of high temperature gasket products capable of withstanding temperatures above 500°C and up to 1000°C. These materials exhibit low weight loss at high temperatures and provide high integrity seals at temperatures beyond the normal range of conventional gasket materials.


KLINGERmilam-PSS is an asbestos free sealing material based on mica reinforced with stainless steel tanged insert. It is specifically designed for hot, dry gas applications up to 900°C and 5 bar. However, the outstanding chemicals resistance of mica makes the gasket suitable for a wide range of other applications.


Klinger Ferrofex SP/AF-II

Klinger SP/AF-II is an aramid fibre based gasket material with NBR binder with a tanged metallic insert to aid handling and blow-out properties. It has excellent oil and fuel resistance combined with good stress relaxation and high temperature resistance.

Typical applications include carburettor and diesel engines e.g. exhaust manifold, oil pan and heat shield.


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