Fibafix has been developed to facilitate the fixing of fibre cement to purlins, eliminating the need to pre-drill and cuts labour costs.

The pre-assembled EPDM washer gives a positive watertight seal, and is available with a matching covering cap giving additional protection to the head of the fastener.

The Fibafix range have been engineered to offer rapid drilling into both hot and cold rolled steel section and also a special range to accomodate timber structures.

This one piece fastener incorporates wings on the shank to provide correct clearence holes within the sheets being fixed with the 'fibafix' sealing washer.

The washer is already assembled reducing installation time with positive water sealing capacity.


Fixing fibre cement sheets to cold rolled rails and timber.

Head styles

Hex 5/16 AF.


Eliminates the need for hook bolts and drive screws ensuring clearance through the sheet and a positive fix.


Manufactured from carbon steel heat treated and organically coated to provide a minimum of 24 hours salt spray testing.


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