One piece self drilling anchor designed for fastening light / medium loads to plasterboard.

For use in plasterboard, simply screw using a normal or power screwdriver.

The point drills a pilot hole followed by a coarse, specifically designed helical thread biting into the plasterboard substrate making the fix.

The separate screw is then used to mount the fixture.

When using standard Driva® in aerated concrete it is necessary to drill a 8mm diameter pilot hole.

Driva® Plus works in the same way as standard Driva® in plasterboard, but is designed for fixing heavier loads.

The additional hinged toggle swivels and pulls towards the inner face of the cavity through the action of the mounting screw. This gives a combined screw and clamp fix.

  • A range of fixings for different applications
  • Positive tightening of the anchor
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Point breaks away if an overlong screw has been used
  • Removable
  • Head sits flush behind fixture
  • Low profile head
  • Screw thread profile - designed for efficient cutting and ensures a positive lock
  • No maximum or minimum plasterboard thickness (excluding Driva® Plus)

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