90 Deg Short Rad Elbow

90 Degree Short Rad from Thomas Potter Ltd

Elbows are described as either long radius or short radius. 

The long radius elbow is usually adequate for standard service conditions.

The center to end dimension is always 1-1/2 times the nominal size of the elbow.

Short radius elbows have a center to end measurement equal to pipe diameter.

For service where the flow rate is critical and space is available, it is more common to select the long radius type.

This gives the least reduction in flow and pressure drop from internal frictional resestance and stream turbulence.

When space is limited and the flow rate is non-critical, a short radius elbow is often selected.

When fluids are moved long distances or must encounter many directional changes, short radius elbows are not recommended because of their greater friction loss, which may require installation of larger pumping equipment.

A long radius elbow costs less than a short radius fittings. 

Long radius elbows offer minimum resistance to flow consistent with space savings.

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